who we are and what we do

Who we are


We have a passion for learning – thus, the reason we ask so many questions!  This passion for learning is what makes us great researchers.  Our time in corporate market research and on the supplier side of the industry gives us a unique perspective – we know the struggles involved in running a business and how difficult it can be to stop and take time to ask the right questions.

CB biz portrait

Chris Bonbright, Founder & President

Chris spent almost 20 years honing his research expertise and passion for learning at 3 great companies: Ford Motor Company, Bass Pro Shops and Brown-Forman. Chris led research projects and strategic initiatives in over 20 countries. After nearly 2 decades, Chris still had a passion for asking “why” but the corporate environment was less interested in entertaining that question.

Chris founded Curiosity Consulting in 2014 so he could bring his passion for learning to a broader spectrum of clients who were passionate about growing their business and developing better relationships with their consumers.

Chris received a B.S. degree from Miami University and a M.S. in Market Research from the University of Texas at Arlington.


We are consumer research professionals – with particular expertise in Premium Beverage Alcohol, Recreational Products & the Automotive Industry.

Our Mission

To guide our clients towards more productive and profitable relationships with their consumers.

We accomplish this through focused preparation, clear problem definition and expert execution in research methodologies and analysis. We are marketers who just happen to be experts in consumer research.

Our Name is Our Passion

According to Merriam-Webster, Curiosity is “a desire to know and an inquisitive interest in others’ concerns.” For all of us at Curiosity Consulting, it means that we have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

Children are naturally curious and they always want to learn more.  We have never grown out of that desire to learn more – and that is what we bring to the relationships with our clients.


Our team of experts have advanced degrees in research and statistics and a minimum of 20 years of experience to give you information and direction you can trust.

When you work with Curiosity Consulting, here is what you can expect:

  • Single Point of Contact

A senior research professional will be your only point of contact – from the time we first meet and continuing for the length of our relationship.

  • A Trusted Partner

We understand our target industries and we understand consumer research. Our job is to ask the right questions, advise on the best methodology and then deliver results – no “baby-sitting” required.

  • Consultative Style Reports

Reports that focus on the story of the data – not just the data itself. Data without the proper context for your business is simply “nice to know”.

  • A Relationship Beyond the Report

We make ourselves available to answer questions, ask more questions and introduce you to partners that can turn information into action. The report should be just the beginning.


While we offer a wide range of market research services, our first priority is to understand your unique business challenge. A key ingredient to doing this is to clearly understand the industry in which you compete.

Curiosity Consulting was born from years of experience in several industries – Automotive, Boats & Recreational Products and Premium Beverage Alcohol.  The common thread through all of these is that consumers invest a substantial amount of time and effort in making their decision to purchase. We have successfully applied our knowledge of consumer decision making – and our unending curiosity – to a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Beverage Alcohol
  • Automotive Products, Sales & Service
  • Marine Products, Sales & Service
  • Hospitality (Bars/Restaurants, Lodging/Resorts)
  • Food & Beverages
  • Communications & Broadcasting
  • Marketing & Advertising

Personalized Solutions

Regardless of industry, the issues you face are uniquely important to your business.  We approach each of our clients with that in mind. Many companies offer “solutions” that can be applied to any problem.  At Curiosity Consulting, we prefer to offer an open mind to understand your unique business issues before we offer anything else.  Doing research is never the first step.


Listen & Explore


We take time to listen and explore…and we are continually asking “why?”
The key to any relationship is getting to know one another. We like to invest a good deal of time getting to know our clients, their business and their specific needs. Curiosity Consulting wants to be a true partner with your business




Effective Solutions are a result of focused planning.
Our job is to root out the core issue and provide our expertise on the best way to solve it. Contrary to “accepted” practice, we may tell you that research is not the answer. Conducting research is never the 1st step!



Less is Always More.
Once the core issue has been identified, our goal is to develop the simplest and most cost-effective solution for gathering the data necessary to address it. That involves discipline. “Nice to know” data has no place here.

Interpret & Apply


You hire us for our expertise – not for loads of data. We strive for elegant simplicity when we translate data and research into insights. Our goal is to provide you with actionable strategies that can be easily understood – and applied – throughout your Company.